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Vopiumas.com Website Review & Ratings + Vopium A/S Coupons

The Danish company Vopium is a mobile VoIP system (Voice over IP) that enables its users to save money on mobile dialled international calls, without the need of a data plan or wireless internet connection (3G, GPRS etc.) So if you want cheap international calls on your cell phone (supported on more than 500 handsets) look no further. There is an automatic selection of the network needed to reach your chosen destination and it is very easy to use. What’s even better is that Vopium allows you to get the great sound and cost of making a local call, when dialling abroad. Available on smart phones and ordinary cell phones, its one sure fire way to call people in all four corners of the globe for a whole lot less! How can they offer calls this cheap? Whilst using Vopium is nearly exactly like making a regular call, your call is routed via the web rather than through the traditional mobile network, bringing down the cost of calling considerably. 

Vopium A/S: What makes it different?

When you sign up for Vopium, the great news is that you’ll be given 10 minutes of free calling time, which you can use to call anyone around the world. This service enables you to have the freedom and peace of mind to ring home from your cell phone whilst abroad, with no thought of nasty bills arriving on your return home. Vopium also offer some of the lowest prices available and you could save up to 94% on the cost of your international calling. When you make an international call Vopium always detects the cheapest possible solution for your needs. Now that’s an awful lot of money saved!

There are no hidden charges involved with using Vopium and no payment information will be required until you buy a prepay plan.  It’s incredibly simple to use and if you have a smart phone, all you need to do is get the free app and give it an immediate test drive. Compared to other VoIP services, Vopium compares favourably, because you’ll find the sound quality crystal clear. There is 24/7 support for any questions that you may have and talk is free between other Vopium users, saving you even more money!

Vopium have an amazing offer where you can call family, friends, and business partners or loved ones in 51 different countries as much as you like for a very low set price each month. They also have specific plans for business users and this can save you a great deal of money if your business has many foreign departments. The best thing about Vopium has to be its ease of use, though. You can register, download and start calling within 3 minutes!

Excellent customer service is offered by Vopium via either a telephone call or live online chat support. 

Vopium A/S vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Vopium A/S)

Skype is perhaps the best known competitor of Vopium and the current market leader due to its cheap calls, chat, sms, video calls and file sharing capabilities. It also offers the largest choice of countries to call on the market and various subscription packages. When using Skype the downside I have found is often a noticeable call lag, which can make conversations difficult and very variable call quality. During busy periods you will often find that Skype will lose your call and it can take over half an hour or so before you are able to get it back. Another drawback of Skype is that they aren’t the cheapest provider of calls any more. More and more companies are beginning to use VoIP technology and they are often undercutting Skype, in some cases quite considerably.

Compared to Vopium, Skype offer considerably poorer customer service. If you have a problem, there appears to be no live web chat and the absence of a contact phone number on their website is rather strange. They offer a huge FAQ section, in which you should be able to find your query or problem, but this is no way beats good customer service for when you need that little bit of extra help.

Truphone is yet another rival in the VoIP market and is well known for its latest sim card ‘Truphone Local Anywhere.’ The company offers cheap roaming calls and has found a popular place in the Business market, for companies and individuals calling the office/home. Offering a mobile app similar to Vopium, which enables users the use of features such as IM, SMS, multichat and 3G support, it has become well respected due to its clear call quality. The downside of using Truphone is that if you don’t have a Smartphone, you’ll need to buy their SIM card and install it. If buying it from the UK you’ll find yourself with an initial £20 charge and the inability to use the service until your SIM card has arrived. With Vopium you have no such charge and can be using their service within 3 minutes. The cost of their calls appears for the most part to be more expensive than Vopium’s.

In relation to customer service Truphone offer a customer contact number, email address and customer support forum. This is a much better standard of service on offer than that of Skype, but not quite as good as that offered by Vopium. 

Vopium A/S: Pricing & packages

When comparing pricing for the three companies mentioned above, I have used three different countries and a mixture of mobile and landline charges for clear comparison.

Calling from the UK to Afghanistan (charges calculated in UK pounds and pence):

Skype costs £0.24             Vopium costs £0.22         Truphone costs £0.23

Calling from the UK to Bulgaria via mobile telephone:

Skype costs £0.115          Vopium costs £0.11         Truphone costs £0.30

Calling from the UK to Bulgaria via landline:

Skype costs £0.104          Vopium costs £0.07         Truphone costs £0.04

Calling from the UK to Brazil via mobile telephone:

Skype costs £0.145          Vopium costs £0.09         Truphone costs £0.24

Calling from the UK to Brazil via landline:

Skype costs £0.038          Vopium costs £0.03         Truphone costs £0.03

All of the above companies offer unlimited world subscription packages and this will cost users approximately £10.21 at Skype, £8.09 at Vopium and £8.08 at Truphone (although Skype includes only 40 countries in this offer, Truphone has 48 and Vopium beats them all with 51 different countries).

For the most part Vopium appears to work out cheaper than its competitors and given their exceptionally clear call quality and ease of use from your mobile phone, it’s certainly a company worth remembering. Those chattier worldly-wise individuals will find their unlimited world calling plan virtually impossible to beat.

Vopium A/S: Product images & screenshots
Vopium A/S Coupons
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Vopium A/S: Customer reviews & comments

Here is what Vopium’s customers and followers have been saying about them:

Knowyourmobile.com says:

Vopium info

Ease of use: 4/5


Value: 5/5


Features: 4/5


Overall: 4/5


Platform: iPhone/iPod touch

Price: Free

Developer: Vopium

Trustedreviews.com says:

In essence what this means is when you install the Vopium client your mobile phone - over 500 models are supported including the iPhone via App Store - unlike other offerings it will automatically detect the least expensive way to make a call taking into account your location and whether the other user has Vopium or not. (Calling rates are also listed on its site)

Most importantly, the whole process is transparent to the user. They simply dial a number and the call method is chosen. This rather clever feat is achieved because the Vopium client integrates directly into a mobile phone address book so it can compile phone numbers, area codes and the like. It will also detect whether you are on WiFi which is particularly handy for travellers as over this all Vopium to Vopium calls are free regardless of location. 

A further benefit of the software is 'Vopium Sync', a free additional service which will back up your handset contacts and calendar information online and automatically synchronise any changes. Lose your phone and this has your back. 

Much like a good sports referee, the success of VoIP as a whole will lie in its invisibility to the end user - they want the benefits but without consciously having to do anything - so Vopium certainly looks to be on the right track. Competition in this sector remains fierce, but as all new Vopium customers are currently being given 30 minutes of free calls as part of a risk free trial there seems little reason not to try it out...

Jennyreviews.com says:

Vopium is the award winning software for free and cheap international calls from mobile. With Vopium, you can send cheap international SMS too! Whether you call or text internationally once in a while, are a heavy user, or need to use your mobile phone for business, Vopium is the solution for you. You don’t have to change SIM cards to use Vopium! Enter the high tech world of the Vopium so that you can make free and cheap international calls and texts while getting to save up to 90% off the international call and text rate with this Vopium review.

Vopium changes the way you make international calls to save you money and get clearer lines. You need to be able to communicate freely without having to worry about an enormous expense and get to call or text from our mobile phones using a reliable service. You don’t want to be dependent on a computer for your international calls and texts. Vopium is the communication software that solves all your mobile phone communication requirements for cheap and free international calls.

In conclusion, whilst competition in the VoIP market is fierce, Vopium are beginning to make their name heard and for very good reasons. Excellent call quality, ease of use and amazing prices which are hard to beat should soon see Vopium taking a considerable market share of the more well known, but considerably more expensive, competitors. With a free trial to enable to you get started, you have very little to lose by trying it!

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Comments (8)

Excellent product comparison and review, Ann.

Great and well researched review as usual.thanks

You've written an excellent review, Ann. Vopium definitely sounds appealing. When we had a different web-interfaced phone service (a few years back), we seemed to run in to problems with bad connections and dropped calls. I'm sure all that has greatly improved now. I think I will look into this - Thanks!

Beautiful review, Ann

Very well done review.Promoted

I've heard of skype. Some of my relatives use this to contact theirs loved ones. Good review, Ann.

Nice review Ann. I use skype all the time to converse with my daughter and granddaughters. Well done on this article. Voted up.

wonderful review ann. I am a fan of skype, it allows multiple users to log-in so its easy to do multi conferencing with people when you are trying to finish everything on time

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save up to 90% @ Vopium A/S
Get Call more than 50 countries for only $0.07 @ Vopium A/S
Get Free Wi-Fi calls from your Mobile @ Vopium A/S
Save up to 90% when calling abroad @ Vopium A/S