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Localphone.com Website Review & Ratings + LocalPhone Coupons

Localphone is an online telephone service that allows users to make cheap international calls from their mobile phone and landline. This service provides high quality international calls to any country from any carrier. You don't need to call through your computer or switch carriers. You simply use your normal phone to make expensive international calls at a fraction of the price.

Services Localphone provides:

Using Localphone services, you'll get so many reliabilities like:

  • Offers international phone calls at rates comparable to local calls.
  • You do not need to buy a new phone or change long distance providers.
  • Works on your cell phone or with your landline.
  • Works anywhere your phone has service.
Localphone: What makes it different?

Calling card service, you can set the country you need a phone card account, Localphone will give you a country where you live local phone. Every time you hit the access number, then enter the pin you can start dialing international calls.

Web call back: you can operate on the page number you want to call your number; Localphone will also be connected to the two of you, so the two of you to call. A bad place for this approach is that the costs in both directions. Localphone fact initiated two phone calls.

The number of the other country: you can spend money to purchases the number of other countries, the other on can be directly linked to you dial this number.

Localphone  On Your Phone: There are no hidden charges involved with using Localphone and no payment information will be required until you buy a prepay plan.  It’s incredibly simple to use and if you have a smart phone, all you need to do is get the free app and give it an immediate test drive.

Adding credit is easy - pay with PayPal, uKash and major debit & credit cards. There are many way to pay and update credits to your account easily, their feature distinguished it from others and attract more people.

Localphone vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Localphone)

Pingo is a service of iBasis, one of the world's leading international long-distance carriers. The iBasis network is your assurance of superior quality and reliability—in addition to the most competitive rates out there.

Startec global communications, a subsidiary company of Americatel which  since 1989 has been the leading provider of telephone services provides easy-to-use telephone, internet and communications services. Startec offers five products / services such as : (1). Cell connect long distance; (2). Direct dial; (3). 10-10-719 Long distance; (4). Cell connect prepaid;  and  (5). Internet Service.

Rebtel is another online telephone service that allows users to make cheap international calls from their landline or mobile phone. According to the Rebtel website, Rebtel is up to 95% cheaper than traditional calling cards and long distance services.

Like Rebtel, LocalPhone assigns a local number to your foreign contact. Voice and call quality are reportedly high with LocalPhone. Rebtel charges a $25 while LocalPhone does not have a fee. Rates are comparable but LocalPhone is slightly lower. For example, calls to mobile phones in India are 1.9 cents a minute with Rebtel and 1.8 cents a minute with LocalPhone.

Both services are comparable in terms of quality, but LocalPhone seems to be the bargain, especially when you factor in the $25 dollar fee. Overall, the localphone with Rebtel services are basically the same. But localphone rates to be slightly cheaper. localphone support sip call, sip server, this is the Rebtel not have the.

Localphone: Pricing & packages

Price & Packages

Massively, their prices are very low as compare to any other online telephony service available over internet. some of their prices of call rates for different country's are listed below:


  • Landlines - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney - 1.2¢ Christmas Island, All Other Landlines - 1.9¢
  • Mobiles - All Networks - 11.9¢


  • Landlines - All Landlines - 3.5¢
  • Mobiles - All Networks - 3.8¢


  • Landlines - All Other Landlines - 1¢,  250 North West Territory - 5.5¢, 867 Yukon and N.W.T. - 16.9¢
  • Mobiles - All Other Mobiles - 1¢, 250 North West Territory - 5.5¢, 867 Yukon and N.W.T. - 16.9¢


  • Landlines - Beijing, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai - 1¢, All Other Landlines - 1.2¢
  • Mobiles - All Networks -1.2¢


  • Landlines - All Landlines - 1.7¢
  • Mobiles - All Networks - 1.5¢


  • Landlines - All Landlines - 2¢
  • Mobiles - All Networks - 2¢
Localphone: Product images & screenshots
Localphone Coupons
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Localphone: Customer reviews & comments

If you research for Localphone over internet you'll get so many feedback telling you about their pros and cons and what they liked or disliked, I mainly see very impressive and good impression of Localphone made on their users and so they have very good feedbacks and reviews over internet. Some of them i have listed below:

"Good value VOIP Service"

I only use this service for VOIP calls via my PC or internet phone - so I cannot comment on their other services.

I am generally happy with LocalPhone. Call quality does vary quite a bit depending how the call has been routed. So I would not recommend relying on this service on its own. If the line is bad, I re-dial and this usually solves the problem. You get charged for this of course. In theory you could try claiming this back from LocalPhone but given the call prices this is hardly worth the bother.

Prices are good to very good (but not as good as they were!). UK calls to landlines cost 0.8p per minute and mobiles 6p per minute - calling mobiles in particular is competitive.

Customer support is only available by e-mail - but that's OK for me. I have always received a helpful reply to the calls I have raised.

So with these reservations I would recommend this company. However if you want more consistent call quality and don't mind paying more for it, you may find it better to go for one of the bigger players.

Source: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Mobile-Phone-Networks/Local-Phone-www-localphone-com-review_1466987

"Very good, but with some issues."

Their calling rates are unbeatable. there are some cheaper possibilities, but really miserable. Localphone rocks in rates.
Call quality is generally good, but not always. Sometimes you have to redial because the connection is so bad- it happens that the other party cannot hear me. Interestingly, it happens less often when you use the local numbers. You can get your money back for a bad call, but who wants to fill out forms and write e-mails for 2 cents!. You can sign up and pay with increments of 1 $ or 1 UK pound or 1 Euro. You do not need to have a DID to have the service.

The prices of DID's from many countries are competitive. The area code selection varies from country to country. The DID's are basic, voice mail can be only called from your ATA or soft phone on your computer. Remote accees would be great.The web site needs improvement. IOt certainly costs them some business. The customer service is responsive, however there is no phone support, only e-mail. Does not work for complex problems. When my ATA is on, incoming calls disconnect after four rings. They have not been able to solve it yet. There is no number porting and no free choice of numbers.Overall a great choice for people on tight budget. addendum written by cell 14.P.S.Hmm... why is this rated as a mobile network ? This is a VOIP company.

Source: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Mobile-Phone-Networks/Local-Phone-www-localphone-com-review_1453217

"I was looking for a cheap way to call "

I was looking for a cheap way to call my family in Florida so i tried using some VoIP applications for my computer but the call quality was always terrible and i had to know exactly when my relatives were online or i wouldn't be able to get through to them :( So i started looking for other ways to contact my family abroad, thats when i came across LocalPhone, i wasn't sure how the whole thing worked at first but they give you a free test call so that you can try before you buy! and if you recommend them to a friend they give you free calling credit to use so you can try before you buy! :) They give you a number to call that is local to where you live so that i don't have to ring my family's number i ring the number they Localphone gave me which puts me through to my family so that i only get charged a local rate call and not having to ring international numbers its great! I haven't had to contact customer services yet so i didn't mark it lower than 4... The prices are very cheap compared to calling direct to America or other countries :) I would suggest having a go with their service, you get a free go so you dont have to spend money to try it :D

Source: http://www.reviewcentre.com/review774469.html

and lots more. Localphone has very impressive reputation in Online Telephony Market and dealing with Localphone is purely full value for money and their prices are unbeatable.

Best Available LocalPhone Coupon:
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mahmoud abudaqa — 75 months ago
4.0 Star Rating: Recommended

localphone provides cheap international calls with high quality calls to any country ,, and 5 min free

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Get 10% off on new order @ Localphone
Get 10% bonus credit on your 1st order until 31st August @ Localphone
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